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Our dogs get lots of exercise, whether it's hand-walking or playing on our property.  We are set up with artificial dog grass, Pup-Grass® so dogs stay cleaner and everything is hygienic with the best drainage capabilities on the market (certified to be safe and lead free).  The fencing by PetPlaygrounds is state-of-the-art — it's flexible and inhibits dogs from climbing and ensures to keep other animals out.  And, it's the only fencing system that has been tested and approved by PETA. We give the dogs fresh and natural bottled spring water inside and out, and change regularly.  A variety of bowls are offered, since we've found that canine clients tend to have preferences, and we monitor their water intake.  Oh and, FYI!  We use the natural product Wondercide to repel fleas, ticks and mosquitos.
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